HiSilicon is a global leading fabless semiconductor and IC design company that is dedicated to providing comprehensive connectivity and multimedia chipset solutions. As a prominent industry leader, HiSilicon paves the way for innovations in global connectivity and end-to-end ultra-HD video technologies.

From high-speed communications, smart devices, and IoT to video applications, HiSilicon chipsets and solutions have been proven and certified in more than 100 countries and regions in the world:

  • For wireless communications, technology leadership is a tremendous achievement and it is mainly contributed by the company’s pursuit of innovations. This includes the successful launch of Balong modems with LTE Cat.4, Cat.6, Cat.12/13, Cat.18, Cat.19, Cat.21, dual SIM & dual LTE (with VoLTE), and pseudo-base-station defense technologies ahead of other providers. HiSilicon is the first to commercialize 5G wireless chipsets to promote the 5G industry development.
  • For smart devices, HiSilicon’s Kirin SoCs provide high-performance, high-power-efficiency, and ultra-intelligent mobile AI solutions to create a superior user experience.
  • For data centers, HiSilicon develops Kunpeng series server CPU processors based on the ARM architecture. With outstanding performance, throughput, integration, and energy efficiency, Kunpeng series processors apply in a wide range of scenarios such as big data, distributed storage, ARM native application, meeting diversified computing requirements of data centers.
  • For AI applications, HiSilicon provides all-scenario AI chipset Ascend series SoC to extend AI from the data center to the edge and device, offering AI computing power towards data center, edge, consumer device and IoT scenarios, also provides brand-new solutions for the innovative use cases such as safety city, self-driving, cloud service, IT intelligence, smart manufacturing, and robots to accelerate the implementation of AI in each domain.
  • For video applications, HiSilicon has launched the world’s leading chips for smart IP cameras, smart STBs, and smart TVs, providing end-to-end full 4K products and solutions that focus on image recording, decoding, and display.
  • For IoT applications, HiSilicon has launched PLC/G.hn/Connectivity/NB-IoT products to build a network of reliable and secure channels that serve to connect digital devices in each home and in a variety of industry.
  • Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, HiSilicon has over 7,000 employees in offices and research centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Europe and other regions across the world. After 20 years of research and development, HiSilicon has built up a strong portfolio of IC design and verification technologies, developed an advanced EDA design platform, and is responsible for the set up of several development processes and regulations. Over the years, HiSilicon has successfully developed more than 200 Models with proprietary IPR and filed over 8,000 patents. HiSilicon has also established strategic partnerships with global leaders in the ecosystem, specifically for engineering (wafer manufacturing), packaging, and testing within a reliable supply chain.

    The mission of HiSilicon is to provide the best-quality solutions and services with a prompt response to the customers – HiSilicon is customer-centric and is committed to value creation for the customers.